“Henry Takes Five” // Leica M8 // Ultron 2/28


I finally got around to setting up the basketball hoop that Santa brought to Henry last month. He’s had plenty to play with, but he finally asked me build it, and a week later—Voilà!

As he was throwing his christening baskets, I took some photos, of course. None were great, including the one above, but what makes the photo above truly interesting is when it’s compared to a similar one I took with my iPhone 13 Pro.

Well now. Sure, I post-processed the one above, but even if I had taken it straight out of the camera, I think there would still be a noticeable difference, especially in detail, micro contrasts, and color. While the phone has had great increases in what it can do with a camera, it’s examples like this that just prove the superiority of a real camera.

Maybe had I used the iPhone’s portrait mode...