Portrait of Mom
Leica M8 // Ultron 2/28

Portrait of Mom

At my brother’s invite, he and I took a couple of days to go see Mom in Ohio. Since she moved up there to live with her sister, nearly twenty years ago, we don’t get to see her as much as when she lived in Florida. So, Tim and I made a little time to surprise her for Xmas. And surprised she was!

I brought along the M8, but didn’t get a chance to use it much. Not only was it cold, we were just too busy. At least I was able to grab a quick photo of Mom in her chair. It’s not the best portrait, but it will do.

We shared a couple of meals, exchanged some gifts, and caught up. This was a good trip for Tim and I, too, as our relationship has not always been on the best of terms. I think this short trip not only allowed us to be with Mom, it also provided Tim and I a much-needed chance to talk. And isn’t that apropos for the season?

Happy holidays.